Fault analysis and handling of electronic expansion valve body

Fault analysis and treatment of electronic expansion valve body:

After confirming that the resistance and joint of the coil part are normal, switch on the power supply of the unit to run, and hold the valve body part by hand to feel whether the valve body is moving. The time from fully open to fully closed body is approximately 6 seconds. When the VALVE body is in the fully open or fully CLOSED position, THE valve body will make a loud jamming sound if the voltage is applied continuously. If the action time is too short or no action, then the body limiting mechanism or valve needle may be stuck, please do the following:

1. Remove the coil and check whether the stainless steel shell of the valve body has collision traces. If yes, replace the body.

2. If the body does not move, gently tap the body part of the body. If not, go to the next step.

3. Open and close the machine repeatedly. For heating and cooling, repeat the cooling/heating conversion three times. If the valve body action after power, it indicates that there are impurities stuck in the system. If it still does not work, remove the electronic throttle component.

4. The removed electronic throttling elements are respectively pursed with clean nitrogen in both positive and negative directions, and then pulse signals are sent to the monomer to observe whether the valve body is acting. If no action is taken, return to the factory for further analysis.

5. After the above steps, the unit can be reinstalled and used normally. Before installation, the refrigeration system must be cleaned to prevent impurities from sticking again.


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