QG.AY1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve

QG.AY1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve

Product Name: stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve

Product model: QG.AY1

Connection mode: flange, compression ferrule

Structural features: flange and ferrule type

Product material: stainless steel 304 / 316

Thread standard: G, NPT, BSPT, BSP, DIN

Flange standard: GB-T9119-2010

Ferrule size:Ф6、Φ8、Ф10、Φ12、Ф14、Φ16、Ф18、Φ20、Ф22

Product pressure: ≤ 6.4 MPa

Operating temperature: ≤ 120 ℃

Medium used: water, oil, weak corrosive medium, etc

Handle material: 304, 201

Handle color: blue, red, yellow

Product Description:

QG.AY1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve is a valve that uses the ball with circular channel as the opening and closing part, and the ball rotates with the valve stem to realize the opening and closing action. The opening and closing part of the ball valve is a sphere with holes, which rotates around the axis perpendicular to the channel, so as to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the channel. Qg.ay1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve mainly adopts flange connection at one end and ferrule connection or welding with movable joint at one end, mainly made of 304, 316 and 316L materials; High pressure resistance. The ball valve is mainly used to cut off or connect the pipeline and equipment media, and can also be used for fluid regulation and control. The ball valve has the advantages of small fluid resistance, simple structure, small volume, light weight, compact and reliable, convenient operation and maintenance, and will not cause erosion of the valve sealing surface. It is widely used in various gas source engineering pipelines. It is widely used in electric power engineering, electromechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electromechanical integration engineering, instrument engineering, gas source engineering and hydraulic engineering.

Advantages of qg.ay1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve:

1. The fluid resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to that of the pipe section with the same length.

2. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight.

3. It is tight and reliable. At present, plastic is widely used as the sealing surface material of ball valve, with good sealing performance. It has also been widely used in vacuum system.

4. It is easy to operate and open and close quickly. It only needs to rotate 90 ° from full open to full close, which is convenient for 

remote control.

5. The maintenance is convenient, the structure of the ball valve is simple, the sealing ring is generally movable, and it is convenient to disassemble and replace.

6. When fully open or fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and valve seat is isolated from the medium. When the medium passes through, it will not cause the erosion of the valve sealing surface.

Structural drawing of qg.ay1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve:


QG.AY1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve material:

Part namestainless steelcarbon steel
Left valve coverSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
valve seatPTFEPTFE
Seat gasketPTFEPTFE
valve bodySS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS321SS304
Locating pinSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Valve stemSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Stem nut SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Right valve seatSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS32120#/A105
Single card and double card combinationSS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L/SS321SS304
Handlestainless steel 201、SS304stainless steel 201
Ferrule featuresType A, type C stainless steel SS304/SS316stainless steel SS304

QG.AY1 stainless steel pressure tapping ferrule ball valve connection size:



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